Complete-mix or Continuous Stir Technology:

  • These digesters are silo-like tanks in which the manure and other co-substrates are heated and mixed by electrically powered submerged mixer to produce biogas. The system is typically designed to process slurry with 2% to 10% solids. The retention time in complete mix systems range from 20 to 70 days depending on the substrates.
  • Typical construction would be reinforced concrete, or glass-lined steel with wall-mounted heating tubes. This technology is appropriate for operations that take in diluted manure. About 28 percent of all digesters in use in the U.S. are of this type.

Hydraulic Mix Anaerobic Digester Technology:

  • Blue Electron is the exclusive US licensor for GBU's "hydraulic mix" anaerobic digestion technology, the most efficient anaerobic digestion technology in the world. This technology has been successfully applied in many applications and several different climates. The design has no internally moving parts and supports the co-processing of multiple feedstocks with a very high concentration of solids (up to 15%).
  • The technology design optimizes all biological functions and provides full control over vital conditions for efficient biogas production including thermostatization, continuous blending, homogenization, reduction and injection of the substrates. The above-ground reactor vessel incorporates a self-mixing system, without any moving internal parts, and self-flushing automated sediment removal system. This combination of technology and control insures reliable operation, long service life, and practically maintenance-free operation.


  • On-Farm Dairy Digester
  • Centralized Agricultural Digesters
  • Foodwaste Digesters
  • Feedlot Manure Digesters
  • Poultry Manure Digesters
  • Municipal Sludge Digesters

No Project Reactor Size/Type Substrates kW Country Start up
1 MAV GENT 4 x 3000 m³ Concrete Organic Waste 5000 Belgium 1999
2 Pfisterer 500 m³ Concrete Kitchen Leftovers   Germany 2001
3 Agro Methau 3000 m³ Steel Manure, Maize & Corn 500 Germany 2003
4 Landbau Bruchsal 2000 m³ Steel Manure & Maize 500 Germany 2005
5 Hansol Seoul-I 150 m³ Steel Kitchen Leftovers 100 Korea 2006
6 Agrar Dautbitz 150 m³ Concrete Manure & Maize   Germany 2006
7 Arar. Berbersdorf 2000 m³ Concrete Manure & Maize 500 Germany 2007
8 Coesfielf 2 x 4000 m³ Concrete Manure & Cereals   Germany 2008
9 Agrar Rippien 3000 m³ Concrete Manure & Cereals 500 Germany 2009
10 TMF Bazenheid 2 x 4000 m³ Concrete Rendering Plant   Czeck Republic 2010
11 Hansol Seoul-II 2 x 6000 m³ Concrete Kitchen Leftovers 2500 Korea 2011
12* Cayuga Regional Digester 4000 m³ Steel Manure & Foodwaste 625 USA 2011

*Cayuga Regional Digester is the first German Hydraulic Mix digester made entirely from parts and components manufactured in the United States of America.


Blue Electron and TS Umweltanalagenbau GmbH, a major manufacturer of biogas conditioning equipment in Germany, have formed a joint venture, American Biogas Conditioning (ABC), to manufacture biogas conditioning systems for customers in North America, and Caribbean countries.

The products manufactured by this joint venture will be marketed and sold by Blue Electron Specialty, a subsidiary of Blue Electron, for customers in North America, including Mexico, and the Caribbean. For more information on purchasing a biogas conditioning, please email us at

The first biological desulphurization plant with US-Approval (made in USA) is currently under construction in Syracuse, NY and will be used for the Cayuga County Regional Digester plant in Auburn, NY.

For further information about our European partner company, visit their webpage TS Umweltanalagenbau GmbH.


Depending on the application, power generation or injection into the pipeline, the ABC systems will be designed to reliably and economically remove H2S, moisture and siloxane from renewable gas generated by anaerobic digesters in agricultural and waste water applications, and landfill gas collected from landfills. The product offers numerous advantages when compared against other processes such as iron sponge, activated carbon filters or chemical washers. The current menu of ABC products and services include:

Biological Desulphurization System

The ABC biological desulphurization system is a unique system that offers several advantages over competing chemical scrubbers:

  • It is efficient and reliable for removing H2S
  • It has Low operating costs
  • It has very low maintenance expenses
  • It is completely automated
  • Every plant is custom designed.
  • The plant transforms hydrogen suphide into non-polluting useful products.

For more information on purchasing a biological desulphurization system, please email us at

Active Carbon Filter

The ABC active carbon filter is used to adsorb several pollutants from opportunity fuels and exhaust gases produced in the following industries:

  • Municipal/industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper industry
  • Landfill Gas
For more information on purchasing an active carbon filter system, please email us at

ABC Biofilters

ABC biofilter plants can be built as a single stage process or incorporated at several process levels, depending on the following process parameters:

  • Space
  • Dust cleaning requirements
  • Heating or cooling
  • requirements
  • Humidification sources
  • Biological cleaning requirements.
For more information on purchasing an active carbon filter system, please email us at

Tricklebed Reactors

This product integrates the absorption stage and the biological stage in one aggregate to achieve high rates of NH3 and H2S removal. Special applications may include:.

  • Local and/or industrial sewage plant
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture
  • Paper industry
  • Waste treatment plant
For more information on purchasing an active carbon filter system, please email us at

Integrated Gas Conditioning

This product integrates biological desulphurization, active filter absorption and dehydration functions into one system to address complex gas cleaning requirements. Special applications include:

  • Local and/or industrial sewage plant
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture
  • Paper industry
  • Waste treatment plant
For more information on purchasing an active carbon filter system, please email us at

Installation Service

As an option for the customers, we will provide installation and commission services to integrate our products into customers' systems and design requirements.